The Bain-Swiggett Library of Contemporary Poetry

The Bain-Swiggett Library is a rotating collection of contemporary poetry, ranging from periodicals to small press manuscripts and chapbooks. Founded in 2017 with the support of the Bain-Swiggett Fund, the library is located in 22 McCosh Hall. Members of the University community are invited to check out books for up to two weeks as well as suggest new titles. Additionally, in order to make room for new titles, the Bain-Swiggett Library hosts an annual book giveaway event, during which older titles from the collection are given away to interested members of the Princeton community.

Publishers included in the library include: Four Way Books, an New York-based nonprofit that publishes poetry and short fiction by both emerging and established writers; Graywolf Press, an independent nonprofit that collaborates with publishers such as Farrar, Straus and Giroux; and YesYes Books, which seeks to publish provocative, contemporary collections of poetry, fiction, and experimental art. Some of the periodicals featured in the library include The Paris Review, Poetry Magazine, Conjunction, Brick, A Public Space, and many more.

Please browse our entire library catalog here.

The library provides quarterly updates to its inventory via the Bain-Swiggett Poetry Collection newsletter, which you can subscribe to here.

If you are a publisher interested in having your books featured in the Bain-Swiggett Library, please feel free to contact us.