Esther Schor

Hello and welcome! Saluton kaj bonvenon!

I am working on a second book of poems and on a narrative poem set in Nova Scotia in the 1940s and 50s. With my other hand I’m writing a book about Esperanto and the dream of a universal language. Opinions, verse and anecdotes welcome. My most recent books are The Hills of Holland: Poems (Archer) and Emma Lazarus (Nextbook/Schocken).

English Department Page

Come down, my heart

Come down, my heart,
what do you
see from there?
Here’s winter, here’s
a ladder.

    I see the sad angels
    five days on,
    the eve of Adam,
    grey wells
    of their eyes

    snow falling,
    falling snow

    a lighthouse
    or an obelisk

    and your remains–
    laddered flesh,
    splintered bones.

This is hard
my heart, I thought
I’d always
have you.

    Years I went
    by the name
    of heart

    for fear —
    no, certain–

    you would turn me out
    until the day I found

    a window
    open, in it

    neither glass
    nor curtain.