Graduate Contemporary Poetry Colloquium

Student Coordinator: Orlando Reade

Faculty Sponsors: Susan Stewart, Jim Richardson

The purpose of Graduate Colloquium on Contemporary Poetry and the Academy is to provide a forum for exploring the relationship between the creative and critical arts. A series of events organized by graduate students will bring together scholars and practicing poets, from within and outside of the university, to present original poetry and engage in discussion about contemporary poetic practice and its significance in the university and beyond. Throughout the series we intend to explore such questions as: what is the place of poetry in academic discourse, and what is the place of academic discourse in poetry? How does contemporary poetry engage with (or disengage from) politics and history?

In its first year of operation in the academic year 2006-2007, the Colloquium organized five events, including public conversations between Professor Susan Stewart and Visiting Professor James Longenbach, Professor Tracy K. Smith and Cotsen Postdoctoral Fellow Mendi Obadike, and Professor James Richardson and Hodder Fellow David Orr; a panel on publication and circulation in contemporary poetry featuring magazine editors Meghan O’Rourke, Ravi Shankar, and Jordan Davis; and a work-in-progress talk on Cesar Vallejo by graduate student Rachel Galvin (Comparative Literature). In all of these events we have aimed at combining the talents of poets and scholars already within the Princeton academic community with those outside it, as well as reaching across disciplinary boundaries and facilitating the widest possible dialogue on the subject of contemporary poetry.