Spotlight on: ‘Radical Poetics, Radical Translation’ in Fall 2015

Here’s one highlight from the courses being offered in the fall. Check out our full list (under ‘Resources,’ above) for more.

Radical Poetics, Radical Translation (COM402 / TRA402) with Karen R. Emmerich, Wednesdays, 1:30-4:20. 

“This course invites students to consider not just what poems mean but how they mean and how that complicates, challenges, obscures, enlivens, or collides with the task of translation. We will look at forms of poetry that challenge the limits of the translatable, as well as radical translation methods that expand our notion of what translation is. Examples include poems written in made-up languages; unstable texts; homophonic and visual translation; erasure poetics; and multilingual poems. Exploring the places where poetry and translation meet (or diverge), we will put traditional concepts of originality and derivation to the test.”

Click for course details.

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