Spring Poetry Courses this Semester at Princeton

From the Course Catalogue, Spring 2012-2013


ENG 558   American Poetry – Ezra Pound and Modern Poetry
Joshua I. Kotin


ENG 563   Poetics – Continuing Pastoral
Susan A. Stewart


ENG 553   19th Century Poetry & Poetics: Historical Poetics
Meredith A. Martin


ENG 315 / THR 315    Shakespeare and Performance
Michael W. Cadden


ENG 321   Shakespeare II
Jeff Dolven


ENG 325   Milton
Russell J. Leo


ENG 312   Chaucer
Andrew Cole


FRE 525    French Modernist Poetry
Efthymia Rentzou


SLA 518    Major Russian Poets – The Silver Age
Nikolay A. Bogomolov


CLA 533   Vergil – Eclogues
Yelena Baraz


LAT 335   Ovid’s Metamorphoses
Denis Feeney


CLG 108   Homer
Michael E. Brumbaugh


GER 515   Heinrich Heine und Sigmund Freud
Sigrid Weigel


JPN 404    Readings in Classical Japanese
Keiko Ono


Program in Creative Writing – The Lewis Arts Center


ATL 496/CWR 496   How to Write a Song

 Paul Muldoon and John Wesley Harding


CWR 202   Creative Writing (Poetry)

Tracy K. Smith, Sarah J. Manguso, Paul B. Muldoon, and Michael C. Dickman


CWR 302    Advanced Creative Writing (Poetry)

James Fenton



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